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Liam O’Connor Architects was commissioned to develop proposals for a part of the Priory House site in Fressingfield, separated from the main house and in its own distinct landscaped space. The purpose being to bring forward an appropriately scaled and designed scheme that both respects Priory House as a Listed Building and fits organically into the old Paddock, a separately landscaped space just north of Priory House and away from the more open south facing entrance facade and garden.

‘This project is currently with Mid-Suffolk District Council by way of a formal Pre-Application’



The layout and overall composition and density of the design has been carefully considered to create a picturesque and contained space bounded by six completely different designed houses, from two bedroom to four-bedroom houses, each one completely different in layout and composition but build to the same high quality detailing. The houses are proposed in timber frame construction with painted timber facades and traditional sloping red tiled roofs. The design is based on traditional Suffolk vernacular house construction and proportioned carefully to create a harmonious overall relationship with the surrounding new house proposals and the established boundary tree cover.

Local consultation is an important aspect of projects like this as local knowledge and sensitivities are brought into the project proposals.  



The houses have variety of size and layout but conform to a unified overall visual appearance. The proposed red tile roofs merge well with the nearby listed building and reflect a traditional approach to local roof construction.

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