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Liam O’Connor, Architect BA, Hons, Dip Arch (Dist), RIBA, FRSA

Passion and Precision are hallmarks of the practice and continue to guide the output of the firm which is dedicated to Quality Beauty and Rarity in all its work.

This website provides an outline summary of some recent work of the practice and a summary of our approach to architecture, design, and all the other elements that are important to the making of architecture and space.


Liam O’Connor Architects is based in the UK but with an international portfolio of projects, with work in France, Belgium, and Switzerland in addition to key projects in the UK.


Liam O’Connor Architects is an architectural practice with a broad focus on many aspects of the designed and built environment. As architects, urban designers, master-planners, project managers and interior designers LOCA has a long track record in the design and delivery of uniquely designed buildings including houses, apartment buildings, village extensions, cultural buildings and public monuments with a focus on the setting, landscape, fine art and construction details of each unique project whether they are publicly funded or private projects.


The examples of our work set out here aim to show the extent and breadth of our involvement in creating unique and special places with an emphasis both on the quality of the execution of the work and the experience of visitors to the spaces we create.


Liam O’Connor is a frequent visitor to the USA. He has been a visiting professor at the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana and has run graduate design studios at the university’s Rome program in Italy. He has taught over many years at other institutions such as the Prince of Wales’s Foundation in London and with Leon Krier at Yale University.


Liam O’Connor, Architect BA, Hons, Dip Arch (Dist), RIBA, FRSA


The following architects have made significant contributions to the projects on this website:
Adam Louriki,

Daniel Benson,

Janie Price,

Darko Jazvic,

Christina Godoksen,

Olga Arigo,

Christopher Barrett,

Andrew Onalaja,

Daniel Stiller,

Mark Whiteley,

James Mills,

Nicholas Whitmore,

Oliver Meon,

Caroline Coles,

Kate Cassanta,

Erin Hook

Liam O'Connor Architect Team

Office visit to one of our construction sites:
Takako Kugo, Architect, Khalid Seydo, Architect, Nabeel Shehadah, Architect, Pashtrik Hoxha, architect, Liam O'Connor, Architect


‘Firmness’, ‘Commodity’ and ‘Delight’, as set out by Vitruvius are still relevant today as guiding forces in the pursuit of architecture.
The search for contemporary relevance aligned to these timeless principles is what defines the work of this practice.

Vitruvian Stone designed and carved by Richard Kindersley.


Richard Kindersley

Typeface design is a very inbred profession with new designs constantly evolving from previous efforts. I have returned to the source of our alphabet, the letterforms of Imperial Rome. These inscriptions from the beginning of the first millennium are unsurpassed in their beauty and utility and therefore epitomise all that is noble in good design. The new letterforms must appeal to a world unimaginable to the Romans with its multitude of outlets for the written word, the almost countless availability of various letter forms on drop-down menus. I have therefore incorporated the essence of Imperial Rome letters with a reworking of contemporary design ideas. Most of these changes are deliberately subtle but to draw attention to some of the more radical changes look for example at the letters R and D.

Nick Carter

website photography

Nick Carter has earned his reputation as an accomplished exponent of contemporary photography through consistent and considered endeavour, a detailed knowledge and appreciation of the history of the medium and healthy respect for traditional methods and styles.

His father John is also a photographer and from an early age Nick viewed much of life through a lens. That familiarity and affinity with  the medium is clear in his work – the results of which communicate far better than words the nature, impression and essence of a moment.

Initially based in London’s Fulham Road, Nick’s early commercial photographic work included a wide range of advertising, editorial and press assignments, but increasingly he found himself drawn towards the more classical image and a rather intellectual observation of mankind’s ability to contribute to the visual world.

Liam O'Connor Architects Watermark


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