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We were commissioned by a consortium of landowners to draw up plans for a small village located in the Harrow Weald just north of London. We designed a scheme that balances the need to maintain the openness of the Green Belt with a development that offers extensive public access to the site and enhances the ecological and landscape character of the site. The largely tree-less site would be transformed by a tree planting scheme with over 200 trees of indigenous species and different sizes bringing together new environments such as an orchard, a village Green, a wildlife hide and a wildflower meadow.

‘Sustainability is a key aspect of this proposal. All buildings are designed to a very high standard using traditional methods of construction and will achieve ‘zero carbon’ status as well as achieving Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 as a minimum.’

Valley View Farm



This design for 14 uniquely designed houses includes affordable family homes and shared sports facilities. It has been developed around traditional village scale design principles with houses built in sustainable traditional materials such as brick with natural stone dressings, timber, and render to provide a lively group of individually designed houses that complement rather than copy each other and are set around a traditional village green with a wealth of proposed tree planting that will dominate the site. The development footprint occupies only 10.3% of the site area with the sports complex underground – beneath the tennis court.

‘There is a lot of natural variety in the design of all 14 homes with overall massing and proportions of windows and doors creating a thread of continuity across the whole village project.’




The informal picturesque layout with a gently curving access road connecting the houses is a variation on the picturesque village designs evolved by John Nash in the early nineteenth century. The addition of sports facilities to be shared with the local community add an element of public space and create the atmosphere of a country club.

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