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The Regent’s Park estate, with its classical terraces and villas designed by John Nash, Decimus Burton and others, is considered by many to be the ‘’jewel in the crown’’ of the Crown Estate. It is an exceptional composition comprising elegant stucco terraced houses and the occasional villa set in its own grounds, all within a 400 acre royal park.

On the east side of the park sits the chapel of St Katharine, a stone building in the gothic style and set between two imposing classical terraces. This picturesque juxtaposition forms the backdrop for our two villas that nestle between the chapel, Gloucester Terrace and the smaller villas to the east set out in the form of a hamlet and known as Park Village West.

‘‘It is very special to have designed two villas in this beautiful Crown Estate parkland setting in Regent’s Park.’’

The Daily Mail,

Two Villas in Regent's Park


isometric view - square.jpg

The square crenelated tower of villa II provides a distinct visual termination to the view from Park Village West, whilst both villas share a private common entrance courtyard with enclosed garage space for four cars. Each villa has a private garden separated by a crinkle-crankle wall and has direct access to Regent’s Park.

‘‘The villas do not interrupt the grand scale of the Nash terraces but rather complete the view towards the park from Park Village West.’’




Separate villas dotted around Regent’s Park were always part of John Nash’s inspirational masterplan so there is something quite natural about this development. The mixture of gothic and classical detailing in stucco and stone were part of Nash’s picturesque vision for Regent’s Park so we have continued with our own variation on his original and masterful theme.

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