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Two new additions were designed for this charming Listed Grade II* house in Westminster, originally built in 1722. The house is close to the street corner and has an exceptional streetscape relationship with Lord North Street and a view of the church of St John’s Smith Square in the distance; designed by Thomas Archer in 1728 and regarded as one of the finest works of English Baroque architecture.

‘‘Part of an exceptionally well preserved enclave of early C.18 housing together with Barton and Lord North Streets.’’

English Heritage

Cowley Street



Making changes to the roofscape and rear elevations of this fine old house from the early eighteenth century posed significant challenges but working with materials and a design sensibility that ensured the changes made were compatible with the original building gave the impression that the changes were an organic and natural process of evolution of this fine old building.

‘‘’Building in a compatible form with materials and craftsmanship of the period, ensures that the building evolves naturally to meet modern needs whilst avoiding the typical imposition of an alien system of aesthetics.’’




The memorial is not just a commemorative structure but an important focal point in ceremonial London. It is a finely crafted work of architecture with elements in Portland Stone, bronze and granite with railings, lamps, inscriptions and all fitted to precise highway requirements and in a deeply historic landscape setting.

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