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Liam O’Connor Architects and Planning Consultants was asked to provide ideas for a memorial within Coronation Gardens, Main Road, Romford to complement the existing memorial which was relocated there in 1969.

The combination of memorial and public garden was an important opportunity to reinforce an established community focal point and attract a wider group of visitors.

‘Projects like this, where spaces can be created that both inspire and provide a context for remembrance, also add something significant to the wider public realm. By doing so, we attest to the enduring significance of shared public space as well as honouring the sacrifice made by members of the community in times of conflict.’

Coronation Gardens Memorial, Romford


In summary, this design seeks to provide a respectful and well-designed landscape space with plinths and urns providing incidental landscape features providing space for approximately 1000 additional names. They are designed to complement the existing memorial but create a special atmosphere which is conducive to remembrance whilst adding something significant in terms of reinforcing the value of the public realm and thereby add something of importance to the wider community of Romford.

‘The landscape nature of this design commission allowed us to re-shape an existing public garden, making it more attractive to the whole community.’




Coronation Gardens was laid out in 1853 when the chapel on the site was demolished and gravestones moved to the rear and edges of the one-acre lot.

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