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This design is for a 26,000 square-foot new house on a one-acre plot centrally located in Kensington, London. The unusual nature of the small street location allowed for a lower entrance wing with courtyard space with a carriage drive arrangement and open porticos for car storage. A large semi-circular double height entrance hall facilitates a shift in axis, allowing the main suit of reception rooms to be located centrally in the middle of a generous south facing garden. The additional massing of this ‘country house scale building is also disguised at the street front by being set back behind the lower street wing.

‘‘’This is an ambitions country house scale development hidden in a leafy enclave in Kensington.’’

No1 Campden Hill House



Architecturally, the building presents a modest-scale appearance to the north courtyard side, with symmetrical pavilions in red brick with stone cornices and lead roofs. The house gets larger as it steps back from the street, and as the architectural scale increases so does the level and intensity of the detailing. The entrance façade has triple-hung sash windows and a stone columned porch and is finished with a stone triglyph and metope frieze which supports a stone cornice and parapet blocking course above.

Opportunities to build houses of this scale and quality in London are rare.



The house has been detailed to merge gracefully with the dominant red-brick University and apartment buildings that are in close proximity to the site. Handmade red bricks and Portland stone were proposed for the entire house ensuring a unity of design when seen from all angles and viewpoints even though the main massing of the house would be well screened from public viewpoints.

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